Melbury Road

This was just way too much fun. Wonderful, smart, interesting, world-traveled - they had so many treasures and collections... so many things. 

For me, it was a no brainer to be super traditional, eclectic with tons of pattern and color. And the best part is that they were open to almost anything. The biggest change was the south side guest room and sunroom which became the primary suite. The whole area was reworked to have new entry from main hall, bathroom, sleeping area with dual fireplace and TV. 

Each room started with a feeling or mood -- and given a personality with wallpaper. Dining was a garden, office was a classic menswear, texture woven in living room. The side entry and bathroom got the most fun with the flying fish paper—great way to introduce the personalities of the house. Second floor is for the kids and grandkids as the visit regularly... so naturally, more pattern and fun. We were lucky enough to use lots of their belongings and seamlessly made the new home feel like it had been theirs for years!

This shop has talent at its core. Not the kind you can learn, the kind you just have. They walk into your house and just know. The pictures are hung too high/low, the color is wrong, you need different stuff. And the best part is - they know exactly what you need. Not stuff you would pick yourself, ever. But stuff that works to make your space look amazing. They turned our house into our HOME. Stylish, comfortable, and oh-so-compliment-able. Yeah, since Stacy and Laura were here, we get oh so many compliments on {our} excellent taste. Thank you Stacey & Laura. Amazing talent.

robyn s.

terrie s.

House to Home Interiors is an excellent design firm. Stacey's talent for color selection is exemplary and her creative design ideas and implementation are superb. Her workmen and contacts were always professional and easy to work with; their high quality work impressed me over several projects. I have employed Stacey and her team several times and I was always happy with the finished product. I highly recommend House to Home Interiors for any design projects.

lori l.

My designer for more years than I care to admit! Stacey has the best color sense I have ever seen and always comes up with suggestions that I love. Her design esthetic is so creative and on trend, but I always feel that she understands my style and takes that into consideration when she proposes an idea. I wouldn't consider consulting anyone else for work in my house - she's always my first call and I've never regretted it!